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Oklahoma State University

Student Credit Hour Reports

Student Credit Hour reports compare the number of Student Credit Hours (SCH) taught by an academic department or college for a particular semester with the number of SCH taught the previous year. Most classes can be easily identified with a particular department. However, some classes are taught by a variety of faculty from different departments. In those cases, we have “moved” the SCH for that class to the academic department of the instructor of record.

SCH is divided among lower division, upper division, master's, and doctoral levels based upon the level of the course. In addition, class location has been distributed among Main Campus ( Stillwater ), OSU-Tulsa, and for-credit extension (including correspondence courses). Totals and a percent increase/decrease are also provided.

Beginning Fall 2017, SCH reports are available on Cowboy Data Round-Up. 

Click here to view SCH Reports on Cowboy Data Round-Up.

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