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Public Reports - No Login Required
Student Profile

The Student Profile is OSU's fact book.  It contains various statistical breakdowns of the current student body, past enrollment trends, retention and graduation rates,degrees granted, and projections of future enrollment.

Fall Student Profile (2009-2019)

Spring Student Profile (2017-2019)


The Student Credit Hour (SCH) reports compare the number of SCH taught by an academic department or college for a particular semester with the number of SCH taught the previous year.

2018-2019 Academic Year 
Summer 2019 
Spring 2019 
Fall 2018

2017-2018 Academic Year 
Summer 2018 
Spring 2018 
Fall 2017


Contains a five year history of student, faculty, research, and financial information, as well as tuition/mandatory fee rates. The information is available at the university, college, and department levels.

Five Year Academic Ledger


Provides a multi-year history and detailed race/ethnicity breakdown of the student, faculty and staff populations at Oklahoma State University.

Diversity Ledger


Student Reports - Login Required

This report compares the number of applied, admitted, and enrolled students for the current year and previous two years.

Fall 2019/Fall 2018/Fall 2017


The semester enrollment reports provide a weekly summary during the enrollment period of enrolled students at the various OSU campuses.

Fall 2019 Detail          Fall 2019 Summary
Summer 2019
Spring 2019

Fall 2018
Summer 2018


Provides an academic and demographic breakdown of first year retention rates and 4-year and 6-year graduation rates for the first-year, full-time freshman cohorts. Data is available for Fall 2008-Fall 2018.

Retention and Graduation Rates


This report provides a course grade distribution and D/F/W rates based on course instructor, ACT composite score ranges, high school core GPA ranges, instruction method, course size and level, general education attributes, student gender, reported race, first generation status, and admission type. Fall, spring and summer terms are available beginning with Fall 2016.

Grade Distribution Report

Program Changes

This report provides the number of students moving in and out of an academic program for a selected term. When selecting a term and specific academic program, the report will show the previous term academic program and next term academic program, if a change occurred, and the number of students making that program change.

Academic Program Changes Report-Updated Fall 2019

Program Persistence

The Program Persistence Report provides the persistence status (college/major of enrollment, graduated, dropped) of undergraduate students for the term selected.

Years Available (select in report):

Fall 2018
Fall 2017
Fall 2016

Average Hours to Undergraduate Degree

This report provides the average hours taken to earn an undergraduate degree at OSU. Hours can be broken down into hour type (concurrent, transfer, OSU, etc.). This report includes undergraduate degree recipients who have earned only one degree at OSU.

Average Hours to Degree Report


This report provides a weekly summary of new student orientation program registrations.

Fall 2019
Fall 2018


This report provides degree program information for transfer student by transfer feeder institutions. It also compares OSU transfer enrollment to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education preliminary enrollment numbers for all Oklahoma institutions.

Updated Fall 2019

CASNR Profile

This report provides student profile information for the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, including the Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering department.


CASNR Student Profile (Fall 2009-Fall 2019)
HS 10 Year

This report provides a ten year trend of headcount, student credit hours, degrees granted,  retention/graduation rates, and faculty, sponsored, and foundation information for the College of Human Sciences.

Fall 2009-Fall 2018

GA Stipend

This report compares OSU graduate teaching and research assistant stipends with peer institution stipends collected in our annual Graduate Assistant Stipend Survey.

Years Available (select in report):


Student Satisfaction Survey

Provides an overview of student responses to questions regarding student satisfaction at OSU. Results available for 2018 and 2019.

Survey Results

Parent Guardian Satisfaction Survey

Provides an overview of parent/guardian responses to questions          regarding parent/guardian satisfaction at OSU. Results available for 2018 and 2019.

Survey Results


Financial Reports - Login Required
Budget Mode

This report provides a semester-to-semester comparison of online and on-campus SCH as well as calculations and amounts for online and marginal revenue.

Fall 2019
Summer 2019