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Oklahoma State University

SIS Customer Service Survey

Your opinion matters to us and thank you for your time and effort by filling out the survey.  The fields with astericks (*) are requried.

Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly DisagreeNot Applicable
1. IRIM staff were courteous and friendly.
2. IRIM staff respond promptly to requests for information and/or assistance.
3. IRIM staff demonstrate creativity and initiative and use their expertise to make suggestions when appropriate.
4. IRIM staff demonstrate professionalism in their jobs.
5. IRIM staff listen and make an effort to understand their customer's needs.
6. SIS access requestes and password resets are completed in a timely manner.
7. SIS training covered the basic information needed to access and use the SIS system.
8. IRIM staff directs requests for reports, login information, and system use appropriately.
9. System processes (e.g. grade entry or enrollment) and operational reports are provided in a timely manner