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Oklahoma State University


Two data collections are undertaken each fall where selected institutions are contacted regarding faculty salary and graduate assistant salary information.

Participating institutions are asked to provide their average, high and low salaries, number of faculty identified by academic discipline and by faculty rank for the Faculty Salary Survey. Information gathered about the graduate teaching and research assistants is similar to the faculty salary data collection. The average, high and low graduate salary identified by academic disicpline are collected as well.

This comprehensive data collection provides information for three publications and customized analysis as requested from participants and customers. You will find more information about each publication by clicking on the publication name. Below is a list of our publications with brief descriptions:

Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline
This report is presented by CIP Code and salary data is grouped by Carnegie classification and by geographic region. In addition to national salary data by rank, our survey includes breakdowns for tenured/tenure track and non-tenure track faculty.

Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline by Geographic Region
Beginning with the 2012-2013 publication, this information is found in the Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline publication. Prior editions are available for purchase.
Faculty Distribution by Rank, Ethnicity and Gender by Discipline
This is an affirmative action study whereby the faculty numbers are counted by discipline and grouped by ethnicity for each faculty rank. This report does not provide salary information.
Graduate Assistant Stipend Survey
This publication looks at the graduate student stipend salaries and the amount of tuition and fees waived for graduate assistants as reported by participating institutions. This report is organized in a similar format as the Faculty Salary by Discipline.
Special Study
A customer may select the institutions for his/her own study. The report includes information including/excluding the requesting institution's data. For more explanation, please visit our Special Study page.