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Oklahoma State University

Graduate Assistant Stipend Survey

Information regarding graduate assistant stipends is requested along with the faculty information. The participating institution may or may not choose to provide graduate stipend information. This publication looks at the graduate student stipend salaries as reported by participating institutions which also report the amount of tuition and fees waived for graduate assistants. This report is organized similarly to the Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline.

"ALL SCHOOLS" contains average, high and low stipends with the number of graduate assistants and reporting institutions.
"ADJ BY TUITION/FEE WAIVER" adjusts the stipend data for institutions who waived some or all of the in-statate tuition and/or fees.
"RANKED" information summarizes the adjusted average stipends from each insitution and then ranks each average without identifying the institution.

This publication is produced in May of every year and orders will be shipped and invoiced with the most recent edition when they become available.

Latest Edition: 2017-2018

Available for purchase at our online store, OSU Marketplace.

Prior years are available on request for purchase.

Cost: $75.00