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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline Introduction

First published in 1974, the Faculty Salary Survey by Discipline is a project directed by Oklahoma State University's Office of Institutional Research and Information Management. The inspiration behind the project emerged from the desire for current salary information for university management. The result is a study which higher education administrators and government officials can use for salary budget decisions.

In an effort to produce a national sample of average faculty salaries by discipline, doctoral degree-granting institutions from each state and the national service academies were selected to provide low, high, and average salaries for each academic discipline and faculty rank represented on their campuses. With the exception of the service academies, these institutions annually award doctorates in a minimum of five different discipline areas.

The book is arranged by 6-digit CIP codes, with 2-digit and 4-digit summary pages included as needed.  Two separate “All Discipline Average” pages are included, one with medical disciplines and one without medical disciplines.  Using summaries of the Carnegie Classifications and input from our participants and customers, the basic classifications as defined by the Carnegie Foundation were implemented in our Faculty Salary Survey beginning in 2007-2008.  This is the fourth year the publication reflects the 2010 Carnegie Classifications.  Therefore, the salary information is still grouped as follows:

  RU/VH (Research Universities - very high research activity)
RU/H (Research Universities – high research activity)
DRU (Doctoral/Research Universities).

Two years ago we began providing salary information by tenure status as reported by institutions that were able to supply it.  Because this is the third year for breaking out salaries this way, we anticipate an increased number of institutions will continue to provide this data in the future.

Suggestions are encouraged as we continue to evaluate our survey for improvements and enhancements.

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