Our Office

IRIM Mission

Institutional Research and Information Management provides information, research, decision support, and analysis on demand to the OSU community and others and effectively manages institutional performance.

IRIM e-mail:  osuirim@okstate.edu

Web site:  http://irim.okstate.edu/

Our Staff

  • Associate VP/Director
Christie Hawkins, PhD
  • Associate Director
Doug Reed
  • Assistant Director
Larry Burns
  • Programming Analyst
Thad Clements
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
Melissa Garner
  • Programming Analyst
Jim Hellwege
  • Sr. Technician
Rhoda Hughes
  • Block Appeals Coordinator
Randy Kitchens
  • Programming Analyst
Christine Miller
  • Prog Analys/Proj Mgr
Marlene Montgomery
  • Coordinator
Bonnie Stone, In Memorium
February 1950 - October 2015
  • Programming Analyst
Heather Orr
  • Programming Analyst
Diane Tipling
  • Specialist
Marilyn Trible